Feel good in the passenger compartment.
Human Machine Interface
(HMI) – The Interface Between
Human And Vehicle

Our engineers develop pioneering control and display systems for vehicle interiors. These are central operating elements, climate and audio panels as well as fully integrated center stacks.

Alongside precise classical mechanical solutions with keys, buttons and rotating actuators, BHTC focusses on the area of multi-touch displays.

Displays are the central interface to the user. Our technology experts are constantly on the look-out for new ideas and solutions to improve user experience even further. The focus is on comfort and safety as well as on revolutionary technologies.

New display technologies, the integration of tactile effects, acoustic feedback, innovative materials. and other exciting topics are setting the trends for the interiors of the future.

The Audi A6 / CID (Center Information
Display): Revolutionizing The Interior

BHTC supplies no fewer than three revolutionary products for the interior of the new Audi A6.

BHTC has succeeded in digitizing the user experience of a conventional mechanical key. Ergonomic studies by BHTC have shown that in addition to the increased user experience there is also a significantly lower degree of distraction. Operating comfort and safety have both been taken into equal account.

We also aim to be leading the way in terms of display and screen quality. The display use in-cell technology, which combines imaging and the recording of touch data on one display layer. This has led to a significantly better reproduction performance and allowed for the display to be designed much slimmer and lighter.

Yet that is not all – the climate control panel in the rear of the Audi A6 can also be operated using touch technology. The glass look with black panel effect gives the interior a tidy appearance. The intuitive operation is rounded off by the acoustic feedback from sliders and buttons.

Our customers

BHTC is currently supplying pioneering HMI solutions to
Audi, BMW, Great Wall, and Porsche.