In connection with the implementation of contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01 of 25.05.2023 under procedure BGENERGY-2.003 “Energy Efficiency in Industry” and concluded contracts with selected suppliers, the company proceeded to the implementation of the project activities.
The following assets will be delivered and installed in the production plant under each of the concluded contracts:

-Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-01 of 30.11.2023 with contractor “3 Energy Solutions” Ltd. for Energy Consumption Measurement and Control System – 1 pc.

Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-02 dated 30.11.2023 with contractor B.M.S. ENGINEERING LTD for Compressed Air Management System – 1 pc.

-Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-03 dated 30.11.2023 with contractor AERPLAST Ltd. for Solar Thermal System to support the fresh air drying process – 1 pc.
The Installation of a Waste Heat Recovery and Reuse System is pending- 1 pc.