In connection with the implementation of contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01 of 25.05.2023 under procedure BGENERGY-2.003 "Energy Efficiency in Industry" and a public call for tender for the selection of a contractor for a project proposal entitled Improvement of energy efficiency in the building stock of Behr-Hella Tхermocontrol EOOD, following the procedure for the selection of a contractor, the following contracts were concluded with selected suppliers:
  • Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-01 dated 30.11.2023 with contractor 3 Energy Solutions Ltd. for Energy Metering and Control System – 1 pc.
  • Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-02 dated 30.11.2023 with contractor B.M.S. ENGINEERING Ltd. for Compressed Air Control System – 1 pc.
  • Contract BGENERGY-2.003-0018-C01-Su-03 dated 30.11.2023 with contractor AERPLAST Ltd. for Exhaust Heat Capture and Reuse System – 1 pc. and for Solar Thermal System to support the fresh air drying process – 1 pc.